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First-Rate Roofers in Leeds | Your Questions Answered

Have a question regarding fibreglass roofs, Velux windows, uPVC soffits, fascias and guttering, or something entirely different? Check out the below FAQ, or give our Leeds-based roofers a call on 07930 962140. Our team of GRP roofing specialists will be more than happy to answer your query!

Chris Maggs Roofing Services Answer Your Questions

What are the benefits afforded by GRP roofing?


GRP roofing systems, or fibreglass roofs as they’re more casually known, last a lot longer than felt roofing systems, and are less liable to require repair. As such, they work out more cost effective than felt flat roofs. Offering a clean, modern aesthetic, fibreglass roofs ensure that the room or building they’re covering stays nice and warm, being a highly proficient insulator. They’re also exceptionally good at keeping the weather out, as any good roof should be! Even the most severe of storms is no match for the fibreglass roofs we’ve built around Leeds.


GRP roofing solutions last for at least 20 years. Many are still alive and well at over 30 years old. Our roofers are also quick to point out how adaptable fibreglass roofs are, with GRP roofing being laid in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can even be walked on and made non-slip.


Why might I choose to invest in a Firestone RubberGuard EPDM roof?


Extremely water tight, RubberGuard EPDM roofs are quick and easy to install. Homeowners and companies around Leeds looking to reduce their carbon footprint would do well to invest in this form of flat roofing, as rubber roofs are made from recycled materials, making them the most environmentally friendly option on the market.


While Leeds isn’t quite known for its extreme temperatures, it’s nice to know that your rubber roof can withstand temperatures of -50°C to 150°C. It’s equally nice to know that, despite all the advantages that Firestone RubberGuard EPDM roofing boasts, you won’t pay through the nose for it. Our roofers install it at highly competitive prices.


Are my soffits, fascias and guttering worth replacing?


If your soffits, fascias or guttering are fairly new and haven’t caused you any hassle so far, it’s usually best to leave them be. But there are a few reasons why you might want to consider replacing them. Chiefly, if you have wooden fascias or soffits that have warped, rotted or chipped – then replacing them with modern uPVC ones could save you costly repairs down the line.


Likewise, if your guttering has seen better days, it’s relatively inexpensive to have it replaced. Broken or ineffective guttering can cause major roofing and drainage issues, as it will cease to properly carry water away from your roof. Similarly, fascias and soffits are an integral part of ensuring your roof keeps water out your Leeds home. So if you suspect something is the matter with them, give our roofers a call. Another advantage of replacing these elements is that they will make your property look better from the outside, improving kerb appeal and potentially raising the value of your home.


Why are Velux windows so popular amongst Leeds homeowners?


Their popularity really stems from Velux’s reputation as a manufacturer. The company’s products are renowned for their quality and ingenious design. Velux windows truly are the gold standard when it comes to pitched roof and flat roof windows, modular skylight systems and sun tunnels.


We typically fit roof windows for Leeds clients who are converting their lofts into a new bedroom, den, office or similar room. Velux windows can ensure the room gets enough light and air, and doesn’t feel dim and stuffy. But Velux windows aren’t just for pitched roofs. There are also specially designed windows for flat roofs. These can lighten up a garage, gym or extension, helping integrate a room or building with its external, natural environment.

Have a different question for our roofers in Leeds? Call us today on 07930 962140, to find out more about our roofing, guttering, Velux windows, fascias & soffits.