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Roofing Contractor in Leeds | Your Questions Answered

Do you have a question regarding slates and tiles, fibreglass roofs, Velux windows, soffits, fascias or gutter repairs? Do you know the difference between EPDM and GRP roofing? Do you need a reliable roofing contractor with an excellent reputation in the Leeds area? Chris Maggs Roofing Services is a trusted company from Pudsey, established as far back as 1999.


Below, we answer some of the questions received from prospective customers and clients, and we hope they provide you with valuable information on our company and our roofing services. If you have a question of your own, please call us on 0790 962140.


We’ll be more than happy to handle your query.

Does GRP roofing provide any noticeable benefits?


GRP roofing systems, which are modern fibreglass roofs, last much longer than felt roofing systems and have fewer repair requirements. Because it has low-maintenance performance, GRP roofing is more cost-effective than a felt flat roof. With clean aesthetics, fibreglass roofs keep buildings in the Leeds area warm because they have excellent insulation properties.


With a seamless finish, GRP roofing also keeps the bad weather out. Even the most severe storms are no match for fibreglass roofs installed by Chris Maggs Roofing Services.


Fibreglass roofs made from GRP last for at least 20 years. Our roofing contractors in Leeds choose GRP roofing for its adaptability and the way it moulds around different shapes. They can be walked on and have safe non-slip surface which we colour in stylish RAL topcoats.


Why should I invest in a Firestone RubberGuard® EPDM roof?


RubberGuard® EPDM roofs from Firestone install easily and provide a seamless watertight finish. Domestic and commercial customers in Leeds also reduce their carbon footprint with this modern flat roofing material because EPDM is recyclable. This makes EPDM one of the most environmentally-friendly options in the roofing sector and with many other industries.


An EPDM installation from Chris Maggs Roofing Services withstands temperatures of -50°C up to 150°C. It’s nice to know that, despite the many benefits Firestone RubberGuard® EPDM delivers, our Leeds customers still receive outstanding value from an installation.


Our roofing contractors work at very competitive prices.


Is it worth repairing soffits and fascias, or paying for gutter repairs?


If your soffits, fascias and guttering do their job and haven’t caused you any problems so far, it’s best to leave them be. But there are a few reasons why you might want to consider roofline and gutter repairs, or even replacing them. If you have wooden soffits and fascias which have warped, rotted or chipped, replace them with modern uPVC alternatives.


This could save you money on costly repairs further down the line.


Likewise, if your rainwater system has seen better days or if you can’t keep up with the cost of ongoing gutter repairs to a cast iron or aluminium installation, it’s relatively inexpensive to replace them with uPVC. An ineffective guttering system causes issues with roofing integrity and drainage. Eventually, water stops running away properly and pools or floods.


Similarly, soffits and fascias keep dampness out of properties in the Leeds area. If you suspect something is wrong with them, call our roofing contractors for an inspection. Soffit, fascia and gutter repairs restore the integrity of the roofline but, if you choose to replace instead, uPVC improves kerb appeal and potentially raises the resale value of your home.


Why are Velux windows so popular with homeowners in Leeds?


The popularity of Velux windows stems from the reputation of the manufacturer. The company’s products are renowned for their quality and for their ingenious design. Velux windows are the gold standard when it comes to pitched and flat roof installations, modular skylight systems and sun tunnels. They also make an excellent choice for loft conversions.


We typically fit Velux roof windows for customers in the Leeds area who are converting lofts to create a new bedroom, a home office, a man cave or a similar room space.


Velux windows ensure the room gets enough light and air, and won’t leave a conversion feeling dim and stuffy. While Velux windows work well on some pitched roof styles, they particularly suit flat roofing structures. Installations also lighten up garages, home gyms and extensions, and integrate rooms and buildings in Leeds with external natural environments.

Do you have a question for our roofing contractors in Leeds? Call Chris Maggs Roofing Services on 0790 962140 for the best in practical help and advice.