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Top Choice for Roofing in Leeds | GRP, EPDM, Pitched & Fibreglass Roofs

Our highly qualified, experienced team of roofers specialise in both building new roofs and conducting any roofing repairs required by our Leeds clients. On this page, we’ve looked to go into more detail on the characteristics of different types of roofs we construct, as well the most common types of roofing repairs we’re called in to carry out.


We Specialise in Building…


GRP Fibreglass Roofs – Offering up an attractive looking finish and a lengthy life expectancy, GRP fibreglass roofs are very versatile. They can be built in a variety of colours and finished with a non-slip coating. Our roofers can install fibreglass roofs without the use of heat, making the process simple, safe and straightforward. If you want a low maintenance roof that will keep out the elements and won’t let you down, GRP fibreglass is a great option.


EPDM Roofs – Made out of rubber, these flat roofs are durable and long-lasting. Our Leeds roofers use RubberCover EPDM sourced from renowned manufacturer Firestone. Easy to install, these roofing solutions are ideal for extensions, garages, dormers and carports – amongst other developments. They’re an environmentally friendly option, and both watertight and fire resistant.


Pitched Roofs – As well as building flat roofs, our roofers construct pitched roofs out of high quality timber and materials like Westmoreland Slate, Burlington Stone and Yorkshire Stone. While pitched roofs are a far sight more expensive to build than flat roofs, they offer high-end aesthetics that suit many styles of Leeds property. What’s more, when well looked after they can last indefinitely.


Fast & Affordable Roofing Repairs


In addition to building new roofs our roofers can repair existing ones, whether it’s righting a mistake made by a competing Leeds company, or fixing damage caused to your roof following a period of inclement weather. Being proficient in both flat and pitched roofing repairs, we often deal with issues like:


• Roof Leaks & Moisture

• Blow-offs & Tenting

• Shoddy Workmanship

• Ponding Water

• Punctures

• Shrinkage

• Missing Tiles

• Blistering


In extreme cases, damage to the roof is so extreme that roofing repairs just won’t do and you’ll need the whole thing replacing. We often find this with Leeds residents who’ve bought a “fixer-upper” in a state of disrepair, only to find its roof timber has rotted and is no longer safe or fit for purpose. Should this be the case, rest assured that when you choose our roofers, you’ll get a long-lasting, attractive new roof at an exceptionally competitive price.


Looking to invest in a new roof or require roofing repairs in the Leeds area? Call our roofers on 07930 962 140 to find out more about our GRP, EPDM, pitched & fibreglass roofs.