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Roofing Contractor in Leeds | Covering the West Yorkshire Area

image of a red roofOur experienced roofing contractors specialise in the construction of new installations and the delivery of repair services to customers in Leeds. Based in Pudsey, we have easy access into the surrounding West Yorkshire area and provide roofing services for domestic and commercial properties. Established in 1999, we operate as proud members of Fairtrade.


On this page, we look at the different characteristics of roofing structures, common repair systems and the many benefits our roofing contractors bring to site with their services.


If you would like to know more about Chris Maggs Roofing Services and the solutions we offer in the Leeds and West Yorkshire areas, please contact us on 07930 962140. Our company prides itself on first-class customer service, a responsive approach and working to prices that very few competing roofing contractors in our region can either beat or match.


Our roofing services include gutter repairs and new installations for soffits and fascias.


image of a roof under constructionPitched Roofs


Our roofing contractors construct pitched roofs in Leeds using premium quality timber for the framework and stone from Westmoreland, Burlington or Yorkshire for the tiles. While pitched roofs cost more to build than flat roofs, they offer a better aesthetic and suit period homes in particular. What’s more, when well maintained, they can last for many decades.


As a company, Chris Maggs Roofing Services also performs pitched roofing repairs. Our work includes tile replacements after periods of high wind including insurance-related projects.


GRP Fibreglass Roofs


GRP offers up an attractive finish and superior life expectancy. Modern GRP fibreglass roofs, by design, deliver excellent durability and versatility. We build GRP structures with finishes in any RAL colour and with non-slip coatings that make them safer to walk on – a very important consideration for customers in Leeds who might want to create a roof terrace.


Our roofing contractors install GRP fibreglass roofs as a cold application system and this makes the process simple, safe and straightforward. If you require a low-maintenance roof that keeps out the elements and withstands foot traffic, GRP fibreglass is a fantastic option.


EPDM Rubber Roofs


Made from ethylene propylene diene monomer, EPDM rubber roofs are also durable and have a long life expectancy. Our roofing contractors use RubberGuard® and RubberCover® EPDM sourced from an industry-renowned manufacturer, Firestone. Easy to install, EPDM is an ideal roofing solution for flat roofs, property extensions, garages, dormers and carports.


It even works well around Velux windows after an attic or loft conversion.


At Chris Maggs Roofing Services, we recommend fleece-backed EPDM to property owners in Leeds as an environmentally-friendly option that’s completely watertight and fire-resistant.


Roofing Repairs


In addition to building new installations, our roofing contractors repair existing structures. Whether we’re rectifying the work of a competing company or fixing damage caused to the roof following a period of inclement weather or strong wind, we’re proficient in all pitched and flat roofing repairs. We offer responsive repair services in most areas around Leeds.


We regularly deal with the following issues:


  • Roof Leaks and Moisture
  • Blow-Offs and Tenting
  • Shoddy Workmanship
  • Surface Punctures
  • Material Shrinkage
  • Missing Slates and Tiles
  • Surface Blistering
  • Ponding and Pooling Water


In some cases, the damage to a roof is so extreme that roofing repairs won’t do and you’ll need to have the entire installation replaced. This frequently happens to customers in the Leeds area who buy a fixer-upper, in a state of disrepair, only to find that the timber is rotting and the whole of the roofing structure is no longer safe or fit for purpose.


If this happens to you, please be assured that you receive a lasting installation – at a very competitive price – whenever you choose our roofing contractors or our roofing services.


Do you need a new roofing installation or responsive repair services in the Leeds area? Call our qualified roofing contractors on 07930 962140.