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Soffits in Leeds | Repair and Replacement Service

Soffits cover the underside of the roof overhang and play an important role as part of a property’s roofline. They also fulfil an aesthetic purpose by covering the rafters, which make properties in Leeds and West Yorkshire look unsightly when left exposed. In short, soffits play a practical, visual and energy-efficient role when used alongside fascias and guttering.


Chris Maggs Roofing Services is a specialist soffit repair and replacement company.

Roofing Services in Leeds

Soffits keep homes and commercial premises sealed and protected against the elements. They are an essential part of the roofline, especially if you don’t want to suffer from future problems with condensation or dampness in the underlying roof structure.


Simply put, soffits protect roofing structures and improve the kerb appeal of the roofline while allowing your Leeds or West Yorkshire property to breathe through ventilation.


Our roofing contractors repair soffits, or replace them, on domestic and commercial properties. If required, we can work on older systems manufactured from timber but we always recommend that you invest into uPVC as a material because it has a longer lifespan. Also, soffits made from uPVC come with longer warranties – often in excess of 20 years.

Traditional properties around Leeds often feature timber soffits and fascias which look fantastic but are more expensive to have fitted, need more maintenance requirements and often suffer from issues that don’t affect uPVC – rotting and warping, for example.


If your roofline is past its prime, we recommend new uPVC soffits, fascias and guttering to improve your kerb appeal and to safeguard against potentially expensive repair work.


You can reach Chris Maggs Roofing Services on 07930 962140. Keep in mind we’re not just the area’s top choice for fascias and soffits – but brand new roofs and roofing repairs, too. You can view previous soffit installations in Leeds by clicking onto our website gallery.

How do soffits protect the roofing structure?


Soffits blanket the eaves of a property which, in turn, protects the roofing rafters. The impact of the elements leaves homes and businesses exposed to risks, such as mildew and mould. It’s safe to say that soffits do much more than just protect the roofing structure. They also protect the rest of your Leeds property, and those living or working inside it.


Leaving a property unprotected leaves inhabitants and workers exposed to ill health as harmful allergens and pathogen thrive – including major concerns such as asthma.


How do soffits provide ventilation?


Good airflow is integral to reducing moisture in the roof space and keeping temperatures regulated. Soffits provide important ventilation to achieve these objectives by enhancing airflow in the loft and the surrounding roofing structure. Again, good levels of ventilation reduce mildew and mould risks, and preserve the integrity of home and business properties.


Chris Maggs Roofing Services supplies vented soffits to customers in the Leeds area.


How do soffits make a home more efficient?


The benefits soffits provide in terms of safer structural integrity and improved ventilation combine to bring about another advantage – better energy efficiency. Airflow improvement, in particular, keeps a property cooler during the summer months but warmer during the autumn and winter seasons. Soffits could save you money on your annual utility costs.


For the benefit of domestic and commercial customers in Leeds and the surrounding West Yorkshire area, we supply and fit a full line of soffits with energy efficiency firmly in mind.

Call 07930 962140 to discuss soffits and fascias from Chris Maggs. Our roofing contractors cover all locations in Leeds and West Yorkshire.