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Chris Maggs Roofing Services | Replace & Repair Soffits in Leeds

Soffits are what cover the underside of your roof overhang. They fulfil an aesthetic purpose by covering up your roof’s rafters, which can be seen as unsightly, as well as an even more important practical purpose. For soffits ensure that your Leeds home or commercial premises is sealed up tight against the elements, making them utterly essential if you don’t want to suffer from damp or a leak. Simply put, they protect your roofline while allowing your property to breathe by incorporating ventilation.

Chris Maggs Roofing Services both repairs and replaces soffits on domestic and commercial properties around Leeds. We recommend that clients investing in new soffits choose uPVC as their material. Many traditional properties around Leeds feature timber soffits, which look good but are more expensive, higher maintenance and can suffer from many different issues. For example, rotting and warping.

If your roofline is well past its prime, we recommend investing in new uPVC soffits, fascias and guttering to drastically improve your property’s curb appeal, while safeguarding it from potentially expensive roofing issues. Looking to get an estimate on how much it will cost to replace the soffits of your Leeds home or workplace? Give our roofers a call today!

You can reach Chris Maggs Roofing Services on 07930 962 140. Keep in mind we’re not just the area’s top choice for fascias and soffits – but brand new roofs and roofing repairs, too!