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Velux Windows in Leeds | Supply and Installation Services

image of a finished roofChris Maggs Roofing Services supplies and installs Velux windows in Leeds and in all parts of the surrounding West Yorkshire area. These innovative products, manufactured and sold in over 35 countries worldwide, bring sunlight and air directly into the home. They’re stylish and functional, and fulfil a wide range of purposes to make everyday living a pleasure.


We’re an established company of roofing contractors located in Pudsey. Because we offer our customers a complete range of traditional and modern services, everything you need for your roofing structure and the roofline falls under the scrutiny of a single service provider with a strong local reputation and a proactive approach to maintaining competitive rates.


Below, we discuss the most popular styles for Velux windows in Leeds.


These products make an ideal choice for pitched and flat roofs. We also install them as the perfect finish to a loft conversion, making sure interior space has sufficient light and airflow.


Centre-Pivot Roof Windows – Easy to open and close, even with furniture sat immediately beneath them, centre-pivot Velux windows are safe and easy to clean because the outside pane rotates by as much as 180˚, making them a popular option with our Leeds customers.


Top-Hung Roof Windows – This design comes with a stylish handle fixed to the bottom of the window for seamless operation. Velux windows in this style open outward to leave plenty of clearance space and to provide users with panoramic views of their surroundings.


image of a skylight windowVelux Integra Roof Windows – These Velux windows have a remote operation powered by an electrical connection or solar power. The control pad, which comes with the product, allows you to control the blinds, roller shutters or window from any part of the home.


Special Function Roof Windows – Velux also manufactures a window with special functions that offers maximum noise reduction and security. If a Leeds home or commercial premises faces a heightened risk of burglary, these windows offer a vital first layer of protection.


We also supply and install combinations of sloping and vertical Velux windows which maximise the amount of light and air your Leeds or West Yorkshire property receives.


Velux Windows for Flat Roofs


Velux also makes windows tailored for use on flat roofs. These include the popular Curved Glass Roof Light and the Flat Glass Roof Light, which both feature scratch-resistant glazing of up to 6mm in depth and a distinctly modern aesthetic. Commercial customers in Leeds who want to maximise property security can do so by investing into these Velux windows.


The design includes an impact-resistant polycarbonate dome that surrounds the glass.


The manufacturer also supplies two other specialist flat roof windows, the Velux Smoke Vent Dome and the Velux Emergency Exit Dome. The former automatically opens to let harmful gas and smoke out of the property – a feature with the potential to save lives.


The latter has a hatch-like mechanism that enables evacuation in case of an emergency.


Modular Skylight Systems image of a skylight window 1


For a more dramatic solution that brings a little more of the outside, inside – consider modular skylight systems. Available in domestic and commercial configurations, these products replace large portions of a flat roof with one of our most beautiful Velux windows. They really do transform room space and provide stunning views of the blue sky above.


They also ensure your Leeds or West Yorkshire property is flooded with ample light.


With integrated shutters and blinds, you’ll have full control over how much light gets in at any given time, either manually or via a remote control. For more information on how a modular skylight system can transform homes or commercial premises, contact us today.


We’re the premier experts for Velux windows in Leeds and all surrounding areas.


Sun Tunnels


In addition to the more traditional style associated with Velux windows, we also install the manufacturer’s popular line of sun tunnels which allow natural light to flow into stairwells, bathrooms, corridors and roof areas. They are an ideal solution for flat and pitched roofs, and work exceptionally well in areas where there isn’t space for a standard Velux window.


Our Leeds-based team installs flexible sun tunnels and rigid sun tunnels, both of which fulfil the same purpose but have designs that deal with different slope angles. They have a subtle and seamless style that determines how they fit into an interior design scheme, and make a world of difference in darker room spaces by providing much better levels of illumination.


To find out more about Velux windows, or to arrange installations anywhere in the Leeds area, call Chris Maggs Roofing Services on 07930 962140.